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About Avid At Work

Avid At Work elevates professional productivity.

Through consulting and coaching, we support forward-thinking entrepreneurs like you who have a project that is key to next-level success, but who don’t know how to get it done. Together, we formulate a master plan to level up and reach goals.

Judy Dang, Action Strategist

Judy Dang founded Avid At Work to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into action. Instead of getting pulled in different directions by 57 projects and never finishing them, clients learn to cut through the noise to focus on priorities that drive their business forward. She breaks down large, fuzzy projects into snackable, easy bites, so clients actually get to the finish line.

Judy is the creator of The Goal Getter Formula©, a five-step process for getting clear on your top priorities and the action steps to achieving them with greater ease and confidence. Her work has appeared in Forbes here and here. Judy has also been featured in WIRED Magazine. Judy enjoys hiking on the trails at San Francisco’s Lands End with her husband, Andrew, making (and eating) tiramisu, and camping in the Sierra Nevada. The productivity tool she can’t live without is her Time Timer.